Monday, May 9, 2011

What I've learnt so far

Hello fellow blog readers, which probably isn't to many since I don't write too often.

I will start by reflecting a bit on this year. I saw the new year in, at a party in the Utrecht the Netherlands. It was great to be around friends at these times. Now lets leap forward a few months to the ski trip to Austria, Salbach. It's like most ski trips are; some white cold stuff, some powder, some partying, hit some skiers that were in the way, some jumps, more skiers in the way, more partying and a lot of fun. I guess it was not really what I expected since there were more slopes that you could possibly ride on in one day. The the runs lasted for a really really long time. All in all a big thumbs up for the ski trip. This is me in the photo by the way, hitting the powder run. We had some really fresh snow at the beginning of the trip.

Time flies and somehow the days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and when you look back at what you have done things sort of blur into each other. If you look back and say you should have worked more you are probably right, but if you look back and say you should have taken more time for yourself, then you are also probably right. Well I'm not perfect but I'm trying to have a balanced diet of activities.
One activity or adventure that I will remember for a long time to come is the ANZAC tour of Gallipoli in Turkey. I went with the Topdeck tour and spent four nights in Turkey, (Istanbul and Gallipoi). Here I was in a group of 45 Australians and Kiwis all in it for one reason, to remember the people who had fought in the war around ANZAC Cove. sleeping out under the stars at ANZAC Cove and listening to war stories is a chilling experience but one that is a keeper. Istanbul has its highlights all through the city and everyone will try and sell you everything you don't want everywhere. The trip had many things to see, but a trip is never really as special as the people who you are with and meet, and on this trip the whole group was cool. It made the trip so enjoyable.

This is me sleeping at ANZAC Cove with a few 1000 ANZAC

So what have I learnt so far?
Balance your life so you don't look back and say "I should have..."

Well Lots installed this Summer, Looking forward to it.


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